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From: Secret Dreamer
Subject: Fall Down And Smile - 1Hi. This is my first time posting. I hope you enjoy my little creation and
I hope to get some responses. Good and bad. I'll warn you, there probably
won't be any sex involved in this story. It's mostly a story of building a
relationship. So sit back and relax 'cause here we go.Fall Down And Smile
Chapter 1
"If I fall, fall will you catch me...?"
By: Secret Dreamer
I tapped my fingers against the pale white tablecloth. My head
propped up in the soft palm of my hand. Gretchen had stood me up, again.
I sighed and looked at my watch. An hour late. The wax dribbled down to
the base of the candle. Couples preteen lolita modeling bbs giggled all around me. It wasn't fair. She always did
this to me. I never would do this to anyone, let alone her. I thought she
loved me. A lone tear slid down my cheek. "Oh my god! She's choking!" a woman screamed. I looked up,
blurry-eyed. A blonde haired women was grabbing at her throat. I jumped
up and ran to her side. "Don't worry. I know the heimlich," I said in a soothing voice,
trying to calm her. It only took a few thrusts and the piece of meat was
dislodged from her throat. She collapsed into her chair and gasped for
air. "Thank you so much!" her friend gushed. "Glad I could help," I smiled plainly and turned to leave. I felt
a warm grasp on my arm and stopped dead in my tracks. I knew that kind of
touch. Soft, gentle, and soothing. "Thank you," she smiled. I nodded. "Are you here with anyone?" I
looked down at my hands. "I was supposed to meet someone here but they stood me up again." "Then join us." It really wasn't a bad idea. "Are you sure?" I really didn't want to intrude. It always made me
feel lousy and guilty. "Positive," as if to prove her point, she yanked a chair from the
empty table beside them. I smiled and grabbed my shoulder bag from the
table I had now abandoned. As I sat down I got a good look at my new
friends. "I'm Dawn Reed and this is my sister Lexy." Dawn was the blonde
I had successful saved from a piece of meat. It was cut short and in about
a thousand different layers. It suited her medium physique and
complimented her blue eyes. They weren't bright blue or dark, for that
matter. They rested in between navy blue, greenish-blue, and the epitamy
of button noses. "I'm Iya free xxx lolita pics Moon. Nice to meet you." "Likewise. Who were you waiting here for?" Lexy asked. Damn her.
Couldn't we talk about anything a little bit more pleasant than my
girlfriend standing me up? Or..who I thought was my girlfriend, anyway. "Just a friend. She must've had something important to do." Yeah
like diddling that skank down the hall. "She didn't call or anything?" Dawn asked, she seemed concerned.
How sweet. "Gretchen isn't much of a caller. She's a 'If I'm there I'm
there. If I'm not I'm not' kinda girl," I explained. "Not very compassionate, is she?" Lexy sneered as she took a sip of
her wine. I shrugged. "That's just her way." Lexy had an appearance that stood out.
Long, firey red hair down to the small of her back and clear blue eyes like
Dawn's but they didn't hold the same meaning that Dawn's did. "Do you live around here?" Dawn asked. Bless her heart, she
changed the subject. "No. I go to college in Pennsylvania. I'm just visiting
California for a few days while I'm on break," I explained. "I've never been to Pennsylvania, is it nice?" I nodded
empatically. "It's beautiful. Especially in the winter when the snow falls just
right. It covers everything in the most beautiful blanket. If you stare
long enough it almost looks warm despite its cold intentions...," I trailed
off. "Sorry." "No. No. Keep going," Dawn urged, propping her head in her hand and
staring at me. I felt myself blush at her gaze. I hated being the center
of attention but still got a thrill when I was. It was like my own high. "There really isn't incest rape lolita galleries
much to tell. It's just a nice place to live." "I'll have to come and see for myself sometime. I'm sure there's
something that you're holding out on me." The rest of the meal was a mixture of silverware clinking and
mindless chit-chat. Mostly miscellaneous little tidbits. Until the bill
came. "Let me at least pay half," I said when Dawn insisted she cover it
all. "No. It's my treat and thank you for saving my life," she smiled a
perfect row of white teeth. "Any other person would've done the same," I complied. "Wanna bet? Most people would've acted like nothing was happening,"
she wrinkled her nose in the cutest way. "Maybe. I still want to pay my share," I was determined to get my
way. "Neither of you are going to pay," Lexy interjected. "I already
took care of it." ******* It was 4: 30 by the time I made it home. Well, back to the hotel I
was staying in. You'd think that since I'm here to visit my girlfriend, I
would be staying at her apartment. I threw my bag onto one of the chairs
and fell onto the bed. After lunch, Dawn and Lexy insisted on going for
ice cream. I didn't object though. They had turned an absolutely
miserable day into something worth while. I smiled as the phone rang. "Hello?" "Baby! There you are!" "Hey Gretchen," I said in a monotone voice. "What's wrong?" she seemed completely clueless. I felt my anger
boiling up inside my throat. "Maybe my girlfriend stood me up for the upteenth time." "We had a date?" "Yes Gretchen! We were supposed to meet at the Garden Strip at 11:
30." "Oh. I'm sorry." she didn't sound very convincing. "I guess I just
forgot to write it down. It completely slipped my mind, sweetie." "Like when you were supposed to visit me in Pennsylvania over
Christmas and you forgot to buy a ticket? Or when I skipped a week of class
to visit you when you had that big performance and you managed to side-step
me everyday. I almost got kicked out of school little russian lollita sluts for that." "Geez. No need to get hostile. Lighten up. God." Suddenly I felt
ashamed of what I had said. Pinning all this on her like it was her fault. "I'm sorry," I whispered. "It's japanese models loli photos
okay." "Wanna get together for dinner?" "I'm not really in the mood." "Well we could stay in and just cuddle on the couch," I
suggested. Almost desperate to have her holding me. "Not tonight, sweetie. I'm tired." "It's only 5." "I know and I need to catch up on my sleep. How about tomorrow for
dinner? We can come back here and make love?" "I leave tomorrow at 9," I told her. "For what?" Had she always been this dense? "To go back to Penn State." "But I haven't gotten to see you," she whined. My mouth dropped
open. "That's your own fault," I mumbled. "What?" "Nothing." "Whatever. I have to go. Smooches." "Bye." I hung up and rested my head against the pillow. She made
me so angry but I still loved her. I didn't know why. Again, the annoying
siren of the phone hit me. "Hello?" "Iya? Is that you?" "Yeah." "It's Dawn." "Oh. Hi," I felt a tiny smile tug at my lips. "Are you okay?" What a sweetheart. "Yeah." "Why don't I believe you?" I grinned sheepishly. "Gretchen just called." "The friend who stood you up this afternoon?" "Yeah." "And?" "Can we talk about something else?" I choked. "Yeah sure. Do you want me to come over? It sounds like you could
use a friend." "Thanks," I sniffed and giggled. "but that's okay." "If you're sure." "I am." "Are you going to be coming back to California anytime soon?" There
was a hint of sadness in her voice. Almost like she wanted me to stay. "I hope to, sometime. But you need to come and visit me in
Pennsylvania." "I'd like that alot." "When is your next break from school?" I asked. "Actually, I already graduated College." "Oh. Gee, I feel young now." "I didn't mean it like that," Dawn laughed. "I finished my Senior
year of high school as a college Freshman." "Well that's a bit better. What did you major in?" "Acting. What are you majoring in?" Not another actress! I wanted
to hit my head against the headboard of the bed. "English. Writing is my passion," I sighed. "Have you gotten any
jobs?" "Actually, I got a call from a broadway producer. I'm thinking
about trying out." "You should! This could be your big break!" Dawn laughed at me. "You're more excited than I am." I blushed in the dim light. "I
wish you didn't have to go," she whispered. "Me neither but California just isn't where I should be right now." jbbs livedoor outdoor lolita "If you say so." Our conversation didn't last much longer. Both
of us were tired from the days events and I had to be at the airport by
7:30 the following morning. ******* The next few weeks were spent in a deep trance of work. It was
nearing the end of the spring semester and finals were banging on everyones
door. I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to present in my "Women of
History" as my final. I hated presentations and to top it off, I was
constantly interrupted by advisees. I was the RA of the nn teen model lolita building so I got
to deal with everyone's problems. Don't get me wrong, they were a great
bunch of kids , the freshman were a hoot, this just wasn't the time to
disturb me. I was finishing up the last page of the presentation when a knock
came at my door. "Emmy!" I called. "The library IS open this late and you don't have
to worry about your final, you'll do fine." That seemed to be all the help
she needed, for the knocking didn't continue. My first final was the next day and I was completely desperate.
Twelve cups of coffee flowed through my veins as an eerie perkiness
overcame me. I took out my Latin book and studied furiously, that is,
until my phone rang. "Emmy," I said softly. "You'll do fine." "This isn't Emmy," Dawn laughed on the other end. "Dawn! What are you doing calling so late?" I inquired. "Late? Iya, sweetie, it's 8 o'clock." "Shit!" I yelled and started tossing books into my bag. "My final
is at 8: 30." "Oh sorry!" "No. No. If you hadn't called I prolly would've worked right
through it. Thanks doll. I'll call you when I get back, okay?" "Okay. I've got exciting news. Talk to you later!" "Bye doll," I smiled while tossing my black hair into a high pony
tail. "Later Muffin." I hung up and ran preteen lolita modeling bbs out the door. I waited
impatiently for the Town Loop. I could only hope that the professor would
be late. To my demise, the bus was full of students and I was subjected to
standing for the next five stops. I lept from the vehicle and scurried
down the sidewalk. I made it into my seat just as the clock read 8: 29. I
sighed with relief as a packet of papers were placed on my desk. "Here goes nothing," I thought and started.-- I fell onto my bed, upon my return. My back ached and I was tired
from loss of sleep. I called Dawn anyway. "Hello?" "Hey Lex can I talk to Dawn?" "Sure Iya. DAWWWN!" I chuckled. "Hey Muffin!" "Hey Doll! What was the great news?" I asked. "I got the part!" "That's great!" "I'm moving to New York next week but not before making a little
pit stop in Pennsylvania," she giggled happily. "Coool! I'll show you everything! Oh there are so many places I can
take you." "I can't wait! I have to go though. I've gotta pack and find an
apartment," she laughed as I got a beep. "Alright. I'll talk to you later. Bye Doll." "C-ya Muffin." I switched over to the other call. "Hello?" "Sweetie!" Gretchen squealed. "H-hey," I feigned enthusiasm. "How's my favorite college student?" she purred. "Good and yourself?" "Not as good as I hoped," she giggled. "I need to ask you a favor." "Ask away." "Well I'm kinda broke and I could really use some cash." "You're asking a college student for money? We're the poorest group
of free xxx lolita pics
people," I laughed. "Don't laugh at me," she hissed. "I know you've got money in your
bank account and besides, I'm your girlfriend. Anything I ask for you have
to give to me." I gaffawed. "When did this become a rule?" "It's understood!" she fumed. "You're not getting a penny from me, dear." "Fine!" she hollered. "We're threw!" "Oh and that's supposed to scare me?" I impatiently stood at my
window. This stupid conversation was taking precious seconds out of my
time to sleep. "You know you'll come crawling back to me! You hear me? You're
always going to be mine," she yelled before hanging up. I japanese models loli photos disconnected the
call and couldn't help the laughter that now filled the room. I shook my
head and silently wondered how I'd managed to stay with her for four years.
Four precious wasted years. I shrugged and set my alarm for 4: 30. My next
final was at 5: 30. I stripped down to my underwear and shivered into the
flannel sheets on my bed. It may have been May but in Pennsylvania, it was
still only fifty degrees.-- The rest of japanese models loli photos
the week went by in a blur. I finished my finals and
waited for Dawn's visit. I didn't know if I was falling in love with her
but was coming dangerously close. I wasn't sure if I was ready to fall in
love after Gretchen. All I could do was wait.I hope you liked it so far. I know, it's kinda cheesy but it'll get
better, Promise! :)
dreamsecretpoetic.com < -- Lemme know :)
Don't forget to smile,
Secret Dreamer

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